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Business Plan

– Can you give a vivid example of something wrong, so that our readers could easily imagine a real situation? – Certainly. We have not time we visited a woodworking plant in one area of Russia to launch its products to Western markets. At the same time, we examined the equipment and got acquainted with […]

Art Sheet Metal Industry

Among the multitude of ways to work with metal, used today in various enterprises, stands out sheet metal. Sheet metal covers a wide range of different methods: cutting, cutting, bending, stretching The list goes on long enough. Sheet metal, depending on the method employed, or combinations thereof, gives different results on the details for the […]

Construction Technologies

Several years ago, when there was a pressed steel deck, he made a revolution in construction and manufacturing of steel, thanks to a beautiful appearance, ease of installation, low cost production, pressed steel deck easily replaced expanded metal sheet (PVL) is used as floor slabs and steps in the construction industry. But technology does not […]