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CTTC Social

It is a basic strategy to subsidize the power to decide process guaranteeing the implementation of action of improvements of the quality of life and the social welfare of the population. In what it says respect to the social matter, to the public politics effective and the programs of government is perceivable to visualize more […]

Technological Evolution

The Dignity Human being Front to the Technological Evolution In the current days, the adventos of the modern life result in a certain comprometimento of the privacy, as well as of the dignity of the person human being. Namely, the technological evolution brought obtains a vast gamma of benefits to the humanity, on the other […]

Modern Age

Intellectual knowledge: Breaking up of this antagonism between reason experience, the intelectualismo appears (intelligere, intus + legere = to read in the interior), admitting both as source of knowledge, that is, the reason and the experience in the production of the knowledge. While for the rationalism concepts they are innate and for the empirismo these […]