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All About The Security: Burglar Alarm, Intercom And DVR

Currently, the market of security systems is experiencing rapid growth, as the growing interest in the security business. Increasingly, people want to protect not only their housing but also offices and manufacturing plants. In each If the system is designed for a specific task involving experts integrators. Security of the complex include: security alarms, intercom, […]

Cercas Protecting

These products function well with the mind of the people, normalmenteningum want to risk to touch in one surround electric, are a fear that already vemdo passed motivated by the form you surround as them functioned and pelosresultados that made in the people. The first ones you surround eltricasno counted on no technology so that […]

Russian Bird Conservation Union

Researchers examined data on the thickness of tree trunks and noted that in the past few decades, each hectare of the African tropical forests annually absorbed about six kilograms of carbon dioxide. Similar figures were obtained during the prior Studies of tropical forests in Asia and South America. Understanding of how tropical trees react to […]


This speed is needed, for example, a casino, where the factor of fraud is very high. If a parameter is specified speed, for example, 100k / s – this means that the recorder writes with rate of 100 frames per system. If dvr has 4 channels, 100 frames, we divide by 4 and get 25 […]

Technological Professionals

MOTIVATION OF the TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS Souza, Josefa Albaneide Gomes 1 Wataya, Robert Sussumu 2 Abreu, Alexander Chiesa 3 Summary: Ahead of the great technological and scientific advances, the organizations are each time more investing in Human Capital, thus leaving stop backwards the mechanism that reigned at the beginning of century XX, where the only one […]

Remote Control

Remote Control, – as a separate field of science and technology, singled out a relatively long time. But despite its relative “youth” immediately began to develop rapidly, covering new and emerging industries industry and agriculture. Today, we do not even notice that, with what ease and not under compulsion, we use its achievements. Will not […]

Mesopotmia Form

According to sources, the first form that had the book was verbal. In Egypt and the Mesopotmia in the form of hymns and poems, whereas, in Greece, the famous poems the Iliad and Odissia alone had been spread out delayed in book form. The orality, of general form, coexists the book written since has millenia. […]

Technologies Information

Altina Magalhes Coast To each minute the medias are disponibilizadas new information in all. The information enclose all the aspects of the life: economic, social, religious, scientific and cultural politician. Constantly these information are brought up to date. The technological advances promote the formation of the society in net, of the globalizada economy, and of […]

Social Net

Now it would like to raise here in this space another great question: But it will be that this asceno of the social nets and something positive or and something negative? Before answering to this question we go to analyze more the deep o concept of social nets a Social Net only exists with an […]

Ronaldo Jenkins

The majority of the foreign airlines already is enabled to this. But the national ones not yet. ' ' With this equipment the pilot puts without visibility none. Now, so that this function, the pilots and cos-pilot need to be trained and the aircraft endowed with equipamentos' ' , the director of Airports of the […]