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Latin American

The logic of these foreign organizations that they look for to limit the level of risky operations mainly ties to the strategy to move away the name of the organization of any possibility of stress situations. They imagine if an organization X that was affected by the toxic assets saw involved in the short term […]

Biological Phenomena

Ideas fundamental of the positive philosophy of Comte: To – the law of the three states; according to Comte the human thought has happened through three states: the 1) theological one (in which the phenomena are explained, by the intervention of supernatural forces), 2) the metaphysician (the phenomena are explained by the intervention of abstract […]


It was one serious irresponsibility, given the gravity of the situation. Thus the chief of a main directorate described as Protection Civil and Emergencias, C. Abenza the fact that lamentably 70% of the vehicles that circulated day 26 /12 did not take chains. Little self-criticism: if the recognition is excepted that made Navarrese of which […]

Sociology Science

Lately its contributions they extend to the learning, perception, personality, emotions, qualification, motivating effectiveness of the leadership, needs and, labor satisfaction, processes of decision making, evaluations of the performance, measurement of attitudes, techniques of selection of employees, design of the work and labor stress. Sociology Science that studies to the people in relation to its […]

Houghton Mifflin

You do not ignite a false fire in front of a true God. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue. Chinese proverb INTRODUCTION the companies cannot ignore what represents in the present the new tendencies of markets, to consider all those advances that the trade function it has generated product of the behavior […]

Management Information

Reaches: clear Vision of the clients, centralizing all the information exceeds they: his yield, its file of contacts, its purchases, their potential, Historial etc. of contacts with the clients, of all the communications that have been had with them: electronic mails, faxes, telephone calls, etc. Management of the agendas of the commercial ones, inserting other […]

CEO Problem

At the beginning of my race, they said to me, " The majority of people has a plan of businesses, but the problem is that they do not work his plan." The same can be said of the resolutions of New Year. How many promises were made to itself and on how many of them […]

Power More

To decide is something that we do on a daily basis, since clothes to put to us so that route to go every day to us we are carrying out different decisions that affect all the aspects of our life, present as even as much future. For that reason, on the quality of the decisions […]


The wise people know that the objective or it puts are not as important as the process. Of the process is the true accomplishment although it is easier to say the one than to accept it. When we include/understand our destiny we realize that the objective is not to obtain something; but to live it. […]