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Mental Maps

Tell me and I will forget, show me and you might remember, involve me and I will understand. (As opposed to Mikkel Svane). The scope can not be denied, impact of the mental map provides those who are identified with their advantages and use it toward goals to meet. What is a mind map? What […]


In general, the decision of separated or divorced is not adopted spontaneously, from the evening to the morning. Instead, it involves a long process of reflection on many occasions full of ups and downs and indecisions. All couples end up at one time or another, by experiencing emotional crises. Their feelings go through many stages […]

Contact Center

Working in a Call center or Contact Center as Asellerator, seems an easy job, but it is not. Except that in the case of one of the old systems from the middle of the last century, which still exist in many places in the third world, which are only divisions forming cabins, with a phone […]


In which we share with others, and workplaces where each one develops a different task, is essential to create a quiet space in which each one can concentrate on their work. Thinking on this and other spaces in which becomes essential to generate a good atmosphere, it is wireless helmets were created. Extremely effective and […]

Memory Pendrive

A flash drive memory is a unit of data storage that is characterized by using flash as storage system memory technology and connect to other devices via a USB port. Thanks to its small size, resistance to impacts, scratches and dust, absence of noise, large capacity and easy handling, memory flash drive has become the […]

Live In Calafell

Calafell, cradle of castles and historic monuments, has currently available houses and apartments with spacious and comfortable, so that you can live as a King without having to rely on any servitude of the era, because fortunately technology and facilities accommodate the needs of every Member of the family. Children can enjoy activities outdoors and […]