Technology Development

The development of the new technologies is allowing that more and more we have happened of the traditional purchase in stores to the purchase through Internet. Some pros and cons exist according to we decide by one or the other option, nevertheless it seems clear that the advantages surpass to the disadvantages and that in the end the method to buy by the network of networks will be ended up imposing in all the scopes of the consumption the main advantage which we have when we bought by Internet is the time. What doubts fits that not to move to us until the site it saves many minutes to us, in addition, also we can do one more a purchase calmed. It is clear that in return when we bought directly we can have the product in our hands, reason why one of the majors fear that there are in the purchase by Internet as he is the one of not knowing if what appears in the network it corresponds in the reality dissipates if we bought directly. This phenomenon has been developed so much that already all type of products can be acquired by Internet.

Years ago it seemed of crazy people to do until the domestic purchase by Internet, but advantages will end up it to the rapidity imposing. For example already we will be able to buy coffee online without no type of complication. In addition, some like CoffeePleasure exist that it gives you until the possibility of making a coffee to size. For the distributors the purchase by Internet also has its advantages since they can bring of distant places only those products that are going away to buy, and thus to forget that there are surpluses. Although it seems that the shipment costs are very long, the certain thing is that as the sale by Internet multiplies, the costs also are reduced since less shipments with more amount become.

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