The Code

When you rotate the disc code combination of dark and light areas that can be found along the radius is changed and is read by photodetectors. Then the code is decrypted and passed to a computer. The market can be found another solution – 'Modernization of mechanical scales. " In the traction motor scales embedded sensor weight. If before such a way to 'upgrade' was used many eminent firm, now from this refuse. The reason is that the error Weighing mechanical scales increases with time due to abrasion of acute prisms. Insertion of the sensor with his characteristic (and sometimes reach a considerable value) measurement error simply prints 'Upgraded' to the category of assessment scales.

Leading manufacturers of electronic scales proposed upgrading of mechanical balance of another kind. She suggests adding on the foundation of the weights so that the platform was based on strain gauges. Weighing error in this case may even fall if the engineering calculation performed competently. The customer thus saves the cost of the platform and its delivery. Such upgrades can be implement and firms that do not have their production base. Balance for static weighing.

Two types of platforms. The most common type of electronic truck scales – scales for static weighing. Car placed on a platform balance in full. The measurement is made subject to a complete stop the car on the platform scales. Statistics show that the measurement of vehicle weight on the scale takes only 10-15 seconds. Accuracy class of such weights – the third, which allows commercial vehicles weighing.

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