The Gurus Reflection

The ancients knew it already. We are not going to clothe us with alien costumes. That medieval alchemists called him Vital fluid; Paracelsus: Mumia; The Gurus of ancient India: Prana; the Kahunas: Mana. Humble and simply we will call you the hidden wealth, and our paradoxical struggle is to disclose it. The hidden wealth revelation of domestic power I’m sure, immediately we think meet you at same TI; GRINDING stone gross, finding the QUINTAESCENCIA, AZOTH, BOHAZ what would be at all successful. However; one of the primary features of occult education in general, is that this should be gradually; communicating the instructor a first Idea of the studied content that matches the material aspect of the said item, for that; After a period of quiet study and individual reflection in which the adept, having managed to learn to think if same get so, discover the second idea (or hidden aspect of such education) subject of your study, and; only once, that this gives sufficient proof of its progress to the instructor, this in turn convey a new idea or aspect of higher abstraction, which should prior reflection and personal meditation of the ward, put you in touch with the transcendental and subjective aspect of this principle that has been the subject of his study.

It is thus; applying the above, we can see that; Both manuals and all the rituals, there is always some teaching around the theme of the work of self-knowledge and the transmutation of the vehicles of our personality, its symbolic meaning, both also at the Filosofico-moral level; in which interpreted you as the representation of man in his natural imperfection status, which you can only overcome, by the awareness that is usually the result of painful experiences that we are forced to deal with during the course of our lives. See Sandra Akmansoy for more details and insights. So it is that this work intends to lead us to reflection on another aspect of this principle.

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