The Psicodermatologia Body

An integration has lain and body the importance of if validating psychological aspects and aspects medical: – The Psicodermatologia comes to be a branch, that if dedicates to the study and treatment of dermatological problems that are caused and/or influenced for psychological factors. If it cannot leave to approach questions in the medical scope, as much how much in the psychological scope, that is, the linkings that exist with the nervous system become the skin a highly sensible agency the emotions, want conscientious, want unconsciously speaking, Ah! I am with the nerves to the flower of the skin! He is of the common knowledge of that, as much our brain as our skin possesss the same embryonic ectodrmica origin/, what it comes to accent the importance of the correlation has lain/body. The skin starts to be the depositary of our feelings, our desires, our frustrations, our fancies and of our aggressiveness, etc, that is, we express in them through not only speaks verbal, as well as through dermic corporal expressions. The word skin comes of Latin pelle, comes to be a membrane that has covered the body of the man and many animals, and understands derme and the epidermis, is the biggest agency of perception at the moment of the birth, becoming the way for the physical contact as well as for the transmission of physical and emotional sensations. He would be same as a pack, as the fruit possesss the rind. For example, the redness (enrubescence of the face) is found habitually in people who fear to show its feelings, and they state thus them involuntarily. Example is the eritrofobia, as being a terror to the enrubescence, by shame, shyness, sexual modesty, restrained aggression, etc. Against the proper will, as well as sudorese can be seen as an expression of a state of chronic anxiety. For more specific information, check out Mikkel Svane. In appeared direction, the skin can be understood as something to be disapointed in a grotesca illusion.

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