Trading Psychology: Failures And Great People

Winston Churchill once said: 'Never, never, never give up. " British Prime Minister was able to achieve their goals. As a result, he became the man thanks to which was spared the nation. However, take such a high post in government Churchill was not the first time. Stubbornly running for every election, he finally achieved his goal, becoming the British Prime Minister at the age of 62 years. History full of examples of strong-willed people to achieve goals, no matter what the circumstances.

Abraham Lincoln went to war a captain and returned a private. Deciding to do business, he went bankrupt and was forced to abandon his idea. In the field of his lawyer also failed. The reason for that was his short temper and impracticality. Turned-politician, he has made several attempts at this arena, but here has suffered a series of crushing setbacks.

It all started with losing elections to the state legislature, then there was an unsuccessful attempt to elect to Congress, then another setback with the election of members of the Land Commission, the failure of the election of Senator in 1854, the failure of the elections, Vice-President in 1856. Lincoln began to fail last regular election of the senator in 1858. Around the time he wrote a letter to one of his friends, where there was a line: 'I – the most unfortunate of the living. If all that I had to experience give to all humanity, then on the planet there will be no smiley face.

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