TwinPower Turbo

This system allows a distribution of drive torque between the wheels of the rear axle. Force out this high level of driving pleasure is possible among other things by the modern engines from below with TwinPower Turbo. Since this year BMW offers a new series six-cylinder diesel engine with TwinPower Turbo technology. The engine with the designation of 40 d delivers a whopping capacity of 306 HP. The maximum torque of 600 nm and is already over 1500 rpm, thanks to the TwinPower Turbo. In the low speed range, a smaller turbocharger works. The larger Turbo is switched at higher load requirements.

So the 2.2-tonne sprints in hurtigen 6.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, the maximum speed is reached at 236 km/h. EfficientDynamics in the X 6 in recent years has BMW EfficientDynamics a made name for itself the subject of consumption and emission reduction. The X 6 xDrive 40 d is no pupil who blows only clean air out the back, can’t wait but with respectable fuel consumption, especially compared to other vehicles in its class. In the standard cycle the X 6 xDrive 40 d according to the work reaches an average fuel consumption of 7.5 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (CO2 emissions 198 g / km) a theoretical value, as has been demonstrated in practice. Mostly we were average fuel consumption with approximately 10.5 litres.

With a little good will and compliance with all Spritspartipps also 8.7 litres on average were possible. EfficientDynamics consisted of an active air flap control at the cooler, for improved aerodynamics, rolling resistance reduced tyre, brake energy regeneration and the eight speed automatic transmission in our test car. BMW enjoyed always praise in recent years for its six-speed automatic, Bayern have managed to sit one and the previous gear look really old. The button change work faster and jerk-free than ever before and the gang vote harmonises perfectly with the power of the motor. The switching and Walt headquarters looks tidy and uncluttered. The mix of materials is worthy of a premium brand. The seats front can be fitted electrically. A generous drop of medium is placed between the front people. There are the elegant selector of the new eight-speed automatic transmission and the iDrive Controller. Who asked the dynamic benefits, the sovereign driving well-equipped wallet and X 6 xDrive 40 d even learn the impressive performance of the BMW wants, must place at least 72,500 euros on the counter. For this, including front -, side – and head airbags, stability control, hill descent Assistant, cruise control, automatic tailgate opening, two zone climate control, sport leather steering wheel with multi-function button and paddle shifters, 19-inch alloy wheels, CD / radio and electrically adjustable front seats are already standard. On the value of our test car of 104.002 euros to get auto-dimming mirrors, can still the Austria package with alarm system, front, in addition, reversing order a special sport package, comfort seats, Active Steering, Adaptive Headlights, high-beam Assistant, active cruise control with stop & go function, navigation system, head-up display, a speed limit display, as well as some more details. The eight-speed automatic transmission makes sovereign work with gentle and rapid gear changes. Anyone who wants to can intervene but even using paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The sports steering wheel has a thick steering wheel rim and sits very well in the hand. by Thomas Weibold,

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