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What professional support can provide for your English trade publication science speaks English, also in Germany. Although German scientist have good knowledge of English, the use of English science editorial can offer advantages. The structures of German and English are indeed different, so sometimes only a native English speaker knows, as a situation more concisely and elegantly can be formulated in our wines leave you nothing to hope for, “the author of this Swiss wine list should have proofread well before the set. “” Also can currently”in German now not with actual”translate into English (it’s current”) and the Chief is not the boss”, unless you work in a restaurant. Even if the English of German scientist is usually far better fails, there are several stumbling blocks in the scientific publication in English. It’s not only the English language, where native English speakers are of course an advantage, but also formal Aspects of the manuscript preparation. Also, there are differences in the language and culture. Some journals may be very picky regarding compliance with formats and specifications, e.g.

for graphs, illustrations and text sections. The non-compliance may cause unnecessary delays caused by further revision cycles, or in the worst case for the rejection of the manuscript. Also it can be easy, that the English wording of non-English native speakers to be misleading, or important statements are not precisely placed on the point. So a really excellent paper may be unhappy. Specialized English science proofreading can offer solid support on all dimensions. Editage is a successful provider of scientific English lektoraten and publications support services that are specifically geared to the needs of scientists for 10 years.

Thus, not only aspects be brought the English language at a native level, but it will also work with formatting, the author/indoor graphic design, word number reduction and formal letters makes it easy. Author/interior can benefit from the publication support, which is advance provides peer review before formal submission to the journal, as well as support in the selection of the appropriate journals (including alternatives) and administrative activities. Our services are so far mainly popular with faculty from Japan, China and Korea. China has already attained rank 2 in the number of global zitierbaren scientific publications according to SCImago (just behind the United States) and Japan not exactly known for compelling English – competes with Germany to fourth place. Thus arises the question whether the increased use of professional science lektoraten for German researchers of advantage would be?

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