Wedding Days

How to make a wedding day special and give it a tinge of magic? Rose petals, luxurious motorcade, instrumental music and battery candles are commonplace and long surprise nobody. And how often do we see fireworks at weddings? Oddly, the salute at a wedding is not as common as we would like, although that day deserves a colorful design pyrotechnics. Flying sparks and whistle salutes will wedding day a memorable and turn it into the atmosphere in a magical adventure. Stock up on festive shells, carefully designed programs of fireworks, and the wedding day will be long in the memory of the guests and themselves perpetrators celebration. 1.

Glitter first kiss. The first kiss in the registry office – is one of the most important events of the holiday. Continue to learn more with: Harlem. Suppose that at time kissing guests will light sparklers candles, and then a romantic moment will be lit frisky golden shine. 2. By shining path. Put the path from the registry office door to the coach newlyweds high fountains. Make a path wide enough, because the bride dressed in a magnificent dress that you can not spoil it! Let the couple will make their first steps in family life along the color of the glare of geysers of fireworks.

3. Sweet fireworks wedding cake will be even more beautiful and seductive, if decorate his desktop with fireworks. Before you cut the cake, light small fountains and scream "Kiss!". Bobby Sharma Bluestones opinions are not widely known. Let him kiss lasts as long as the cake goes out the last spark. Try to find and buy the most long-lasting tabletop fountains! 4. Incendiary dance of love. What wedding can do without the dance honeymooners? It sounds grand waltz, views of young fixed on each other in gentle na they move around the room … Spread along the walls of fountains, of medium height with a silvery effect. Newly suprgi feel great heroes of fairy tales. 5. Finale. Accompanying guests at the wedding night, quietly beeps … and the window will flash a marvelous dawn of the finest bursts of Roman candles, Fireworks-suns and supersalyutov! This finale will be the best finale to a brilliant wedding.

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