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Process Indicators

Today, modern industry looking for the quality of its products offered through the improvement of efficiency of their processes. Managers of small, medium and large businesses are embedded in the inversion of strong sums in the implantation of management systems and consulting in general allow the decline of times, costs and failures in the final […]

Scott Hamilton

NOT LO allow: You lose 6th action.-forget about grant awards or collective commissions divided equally between everyone. It’s a waste!, any seller who always gives results, hates that kind of incentive. He is a unique individual and therefore want a single award that distinguishes it from others. Also watch meticulously to have promptly pay them […]

Roman Society

Purpose of the sociological method: this is abstraction; allows a scientist once recognized and identified the real difficulties that are opposed to a social science, assume a position before them objectively. In the analysis of the economic and social forces, Marx said in the Preface: the capital you cannot be used the microscope or chemical […]