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Ronaldo Jenkins

The majority of the foreign airlines already is enabled to this. But the national ones not yet. ' ' With this equipment the pilot puts without visibility none. Now, so that this function, the pilots and cos-pilot need to be trained and the aircraft endowed with equipamentos' ' , the director of Airports of the […]


All form of life exerts activity in this direction, however, what it differs the man from the other beings livings creature is, simply, the capacity to project, in its mind, the action before executing it, being that it exerts it instinctively to the animal. Thus: A spider plays operations that if seem the one of […]

Suitable Moving Bodies

You are of the type that always looks for accessories for more recent moving bodies? To find accessories for perfect moving bodies could be quite easy, but with so many accessories for moving bodies in the market nowadays, it will have to watch after the best supplies. With a little effort, and a little saved […]