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Abdellah dreams leave the hole where it is put, speaking with peers, everyone wants to escape from Morocco, cross the Strait and reach Spain. They spend four years in these circumstances, many went, and have not returned to know anything about them, the afraid, hear stories of those who go in patera and sea swallows […]

Negative Habits Quickly

Silvina had a serious problem of self-control and temper. Costing much handled in discussions with her husband, which insulted, with their children, which challenged hard, longer than necessary, with its employees, which also degraded. However, it was not fault of Silvina Act thus, because theirs was happening when she walked into a State of violent […]


When he ran out of money went out to urinate, did shrews with hands and returned to enter with a lot of money. That Yes, dressed as a beggar and was also very ugly because on its face could appreciate the physiognomy of the devil. The devil had given him the secret to be irresistible […]