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You Feel Vanessa N. – Pulse

You can feel the new single by Vanessa Neigert – Vanessa Neigert pulse ignites the Turbo of your singing career with your new single “Do you feel the pulse”. If you think Vanessa would stroll in the petticoat on the stages of your life, made a mistake greatly. It is also different: less oldie of […]

Fraunhofer MOEZ On Future Forum “Innovation And Globalization”

“” Appointment notice for the 24.10.2013: Professor Thorsten Posselt in Hanau, Germany Leipzig, 18.10.2013 is Professor Dr. Thorsten Posselt, head of the Institute of the Fraunhofer MOEZ, on 24 October 2013 at the future Forum innovation and globalisation “in Hanau on the topic of competition and international transfer of innovation globalization companies strategically” talk. He […]


Compare rates with the car insurance calculator hardly a comparison on the Internet is worth as much as the car insurance calculator. Because many vehicle owners and insurance have a car insurance, which is not exactly cheap. And compare lists with this insurance calculator, how much you can save by a change of the provider […]

Women Computer Dummies

Secondary analysis of a Eurostat study confirms low computer skills Montrouge in Paris German women, recent survey data from Eurostat suggests otherwise as BITKOM 26 September 2012 Ordissimo. Therefore, not the women, and their computer skills are the problem, but the computer. Ordissimo is the simple and safe computer system, coming from France to Germany. […]

Artists Taught Computing

Five years ‘Kulturcoaching’: business ‘tutoring’ for 50 cultural venues have brilliant ideas, are imaginative, creative and full of ideas. But when it comes to nude figures, the marketing of own services and strategic planning, creative artists are often losing battle. In 2005 the RKW Hessen set out to change this situation. The Organization, customized advising […]

Lorenz Magazines

Kurt Lorenz Buch-and magazine sales informs about new offerings of Starnberg, 22 December 2009 who does not know that? It goes into a store to make a major purchase, can consult and has really no idea, what you just buy. If you’re lucky, you can meet a competent seller. In the case of computers, but […]

PETA Launches New Youth Campaign: ‘Go Vegan’

Young and vegan living benefit for animals with PETA, environment and global nutrition vegan, as a young aspiring musician in Berlin! The Web documentary Nessi vegan “by PETA2, the youth campaign of the animal rights organisation PETA Germany e. V. (, accompanied the quick-witted new Berliner Nessi on their way to a vegan lifestyle. While […]

Quick Create Help Files

Explain 4.2 allows a quick create help files and thereby accelerating the Veroffentlichungsprozess of software products Indigo byte systems today the publication of Dr.Explain 4.2 Announces. The new version expands the popular software documentation tool additional features and enhancements. Among other things, Dr.Explain 4.2 provides a revised content editor, better handling of text styles, as […]

Federal Environment Ministry

Up to 60 percent energy savings potential cooling systems / Federal Environment Ministry awarded innovation prize money of over 50,000 euros Berlin, December 6, 2010. 15 percent of the total electrical energy consumption in Germany are required for cooling and air conditioning. The over 120 million-German refrigeration systems emit every year about 70 million tons […]

Conflict Prepares Our Young People To Deal With Conflict

Henry F. Amiel: Do with ease what is difficult to others, here is the sign of the talent; doing what is impossible for talent, here is the sign of genius. The conflict is inherent to human beings and there will always be a good amount of them in proportion to the number of people who […]