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So much time has elapsed! "You know very well that the three work all day. It is not easy at this time to be professional. Many demands are imposed on you to keep up with the discoveries, advances and technology. We do not have any much time, "said the first child. "I know, I have […]

Energy Efficient Technologies

In April this year the Fund for Housing Reform published the results of the draft manual of modern Russian energy efficient buildings. These were a few houses Bashkir Tuimazy. During major repairs here have been insulated walls and installed meters. As a result of measures taken, the economy – consumption of heat energy was 36%. […]

German College Sports

Sound combination of economic and training Sciences, as well as specialized legal doctrine from the winter semester of 2012 starts at the German”School of prevention and health management the new course of Bachelor of science in sports economics. With the dual Bachelor’s degree that combines Compact attendance phases, a training and a distance learning course, […]