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Jorg Schmitz Newcomer: Singer/songwriters

With his first solo album ‘ his mind games and stories of the everyday starting Originalversion?Battle against the forces of complexity. To write songs for me is like a soul therapy. “Others go to the psychologist? or psychotherapists I write songs!” The texts tell of dreams burst, social imbalances, sad girl and great moments of […]

Berlin Film Premiere

The children fairy baby sitters provide at the premiere of the movie “Parents” child care the new comedy directed by Robert Thalheim is ‘modern’ family and how these masters the partially unbridgeable divide between work and childcare or just not even masters of the. In the film, Papa Konrad guards the daughter at home and […]

Europe Chocolate

Party guests can gain flying in a private jet once more launches under the motto ‘The Finest of House, Electro & r’n ‘ B’ on May 01, 2010 from 22:00 the fourth edition of the event series “Chocolate Kiss”. After the departure of the Cologne Opera terraces, the party series with the cloud Castle has […]

Christmas Eve Film

With the online video recorder miss no blockbuster Save.TV film fans this year for Christmas. Every year again the German television channel to a firework of blockbusters groundswell, so as nobody zaps to the next station and there maybe discovered an even more exciting program. With the online video recorder miss no blockbuster Save.TV film […]

Multicore Architectures

The Fraunhofer Society the project can initiates goods the last decades by a record Chase for higher clock speeds, so says the future of processors multicore. Because with increasing the clock rate and power consumption and heat, which is why the speed of processors can be not more increase indefinitely. The processor manufacturers are now […]

Software House

The benefits and added value of IntrPROTECTOR resulted from the proven concept of the solution on the one hand and on the other hand from the simple implementation with low-cost and thus economic operation according to @FRIENDS. Our high expectations of a top solution have been fully met. In particular the performance of the security […]

July GmbH

Innovative software solutions by CONTENTSERV first on SuisseEmex in Zurich presented Rohrbach/ILM, July 29, 2010: the leading software provider CONTENTSERV GmbH gives insights into its Web-based cross-media publishing solution on SuisseEMEX in Zurich. CONTENTSERV presented this year for the first time on SuisseEMEX, the Swiss trade fair for marketing, communication, event and promotion, the interested […]

Software Division

She collaborates with the most important manufacturers of software for requirements management, configuration, and release management. Nevertheless, the HOOD Group is independent from software manufacturers and offers a neutral advice. HOOD is employed by a growing number of major companies from different sectors (E.g. automotive, aviation and aerospace, medical technology and software development). Companies such […]

DVS System Software

DVSERP the software for the product development, pricing, quoting, order processing, CRM and production planning for companies in the printing and packaging industry. On FachPack in Nuremberg by the 28.09 30.09.2010 DVS system software from Iserlohn DVSERP ERP software for product development, pricing, quoting, order processing, CRM and production planning for the printing and packaging […]


From ancient daven this strange phenomenon attracted the attention of many scientists. September 10, 1845 in France (Salanyake borough) on one of the kitchens there was a fiery bullet that seemed plila in the air. Among the chef was a young guy which women are invited to crush this "disgusting". But the youth are not […]