Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Coupons Marketing

In the western business by advertising BTL understand the technology to achieve results which uses less than persuasive methods than ATL. But at present in certain types of BTL advertising promotion of efficiency ahead of traditional advertising ATL. According to Russian classification, to divide BTL: – promotion of sales representatives (trade promotion); – promotion to […]

Steel Warrior

Need to be a warrior with steel intent. And you will win, because the Warriors are winning. Mindfulness and the intention to help you in your business, and in your war. The war with itself – the most difficult war, and win It is only capable warrior. How do you know that I won? You’re […]

Crisis Management

No matter how varied causes of the crises and the environment in which they unfold, the actions of management, aimed at the conclusion of his company out of crisis, always obey the certain logic. There are six stages of the crisis Management: Stage 1: an attempt to avert a crisis. At this stage, should make […]

Corporate Identity

Thinking how to tell about their company, to make of it knew it learned? In this case, you'll definitely be thinking about developing for the company's unique logo and corporate style organization, because quality 'design' of the case required not only for the sake of beauty, but rather investment, investment in the brand organization, and […]