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After to have for a long time worked in the financial sector and to pass leaves of life in search of a new work, I was invited to char it of opportunity of businesses. I saw the full hall excited and expectant people and thought " it must be good negocio" and it excites to […]

Management Information

Reaches: clear Vision of the clients, centralizing all the information exceeds they: his yield, its file of contacts, its purchases, their potential, Historial etc. of contacts with the clients, of all the communications that have been had with them: electronic mails, faxes, telephone calls, etc. Management of the agendas of the commercial ones, inserting other […]


Always considering its age and watching them close by, there are many opportunities in which can learn lessons of the real life. He insists on the accounting Is important that his children they learn from the beginning that they must know what is the state of its accounts. They must know if they are winning […]

CEO Problem

At the beginning of my race, they said to me, " The majority of people has a plan of businesses, but the problem is that they do not work his plan." The same can be said of the resolutions of New Year. How many promises were made to itself and on how many of them […]

Power More

To decide is something that we do on a daily basis, since clothes to put to us so that route to go every day to us we are carrying out different decisions that affect all the aspects of our life, present as even as much future. For that reason, on the quality of the decisions […]

The Warehouse

The store starts to grow and the owner decides to start building stores and franchises. the volume changes and the amount of dolls purchased at a store is different from the other store and increases the amount of products to sell. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. now sell items wrist as […]

Commercial Airships

In the aspect of our interests is the most promising appear the following ideas and suggestions on the use of airships in commercial purposes. More information is housed here: Andrew Schroepfer. In discussing the problems airship and the use of airships for the practical needs of the main proposals were based, in addition to efficiency, […]

History of Literature

Come, then we can accuse all the history of art, because it does not define the art or history. This must be done! Without having defined or object, or their method, understand that it is then sent to a completely encyclopaedic vain. Gain insight and clarity with AOL. Likewise, if they open a "History of […]


Volcanoes Probably not on Earth is nothing more mysterious and impermanent. Click Bryant Walker Smith to learn more. Calm and seemingly forever asleep, they were suddenly without any warning, declare themselves crashing explosions, ash clouds, fiery lava flows. Volcanic eruptions always inspire fear of humans. It acted personally escaped from the bowels of the Earth […]