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When this fact was not confirmed, the hypothesis of the ap is wrong. * With hypothesis Absolute space can be explained: the equality of gravitational and inertial mass, redshift and recession of galaxies, "paradox" of dark sky, the cmb, the result of the Michelson-Morley, also ap hypothesis allows us to calculate the values of the […]

Russian Federation

Ph.D. dissertation – is a scientific qualifying work, where enclosed solution, which has great importance for the relevant field of expertise. By writing the master's work extends the list of clear requirements: work is a carefully prepared, written independently, the manuscript containing the innovative theses put forward by the author and available scientific evidence, as […]

From Literature To Science

I will begin with a quick historical review within our world, in which the bond of culture and writing began to unravel. You can not make the lyrics out of existence. But they remain in the clear meaning of the progressive movement. If you look at the French through the years will quickly realize that […]

Literature Study

In the study of literature We detected a tendency in recent years: it is considered that the most promising principle of providing a high prophylactic effect, is the use of funds, uncoupling of the wound surface (Osipov, vi, 1992; DiZerega gs, 1994; Alponat A, Lakshminarasappa sr, Yavuz N, Goh pm, 1997; Baykal A, Onat D, […]

Nursing Science

In ancient times, medicine achieved progress and an improvement of living conditions for humans. The therapeutic orientation were two main courses of action that recur in all cultures. empiricism which led to surgical treatments, drugs, dietary remedies, massage and baths, magic, represented by spells, exorcisms, offerings to gods, prayers and sacrifices. In middle age monasteries […]

Ancient Astronomy

We do not know and never probably will not know who first noticed the bright Venus, Jupiter and Mars red, who first noted the lead color of the planet Saturn. We do not know where and when I first realized that the planets are not standing still and moving against the background constellations of the […]

Leningrad Radium Institute

The optical and X-ray spectra – only to itself. And the behavior of solutions – for all other radioactive elements: due to ionizing radiation in solutions containing polonium constantly formed and decompose ozone and hydrogen peroxide. On the chemical properties of polonium – a direct analogue of sulfur, selenium and tellurium. He shows valence 2 […]

Invisible Star Instruments

The image shows the excited region in the constellation of the Southern Cross, which is visible only because the devices are aimed in such a way as to 'see' in five different ranges of the infrared spectrum. Magnificent opening kinds of clouds of cold gas is located near the surface of the Milky Way, showing […]