Monthly Archives: November, 2016


Euro-Dollar – The European currencies not yet waving white flags! Again, no renunciarEl 1.34 euro broke the back referred to in the report of 1.3501 yesterday, only to stop in the middle of the road towards the goal of 1, 3422, more specifically at 1.3462. This is the fifth time that the EUR / USD […]

PPG Deltron

The peculiarity of modern technology to paint a car that they are universal for cars of different brands and manufacturers. Save time and money painting individual body parts provides installation Local infrared drying. Many people refer to as a machine of this faithful friend who never fails, and therefore doubly pleased when your favorite car […]


I used to think with my students in classes of Introduction to Law on the important incidents that would have internet connectivity and especially in human society. We analyzed, for example, the creation of new social groups (not comparable to the notion of “social classes”, such as cyberpunk, goths, transsexuals, etc.) or digital integration of […]

Battery Power

In addition, many middle-class UPS is perceived as a strong decrease in the frequency of accidents and begin to consume battery power. The battery is discharged in a few minutes and all work is complete. Another distinctive feature of Ukraine is full of a power outage. Accidents and disasters that created the Whole power failure […]

Change System

If we take the coordinate of a linear movement of the body – we find the mechanical straight-line system, we take the rotation angle – get a mechanical rotational system, we assume that the change of electrical charge – we get the electrical system, we assume the movement of the fluid – we hydraulic system, […]