Referred to colloquially as the silver water, this natural antibiotic kills has been proven several hundred different strains of bacteria known to conventional, chemical antibiotics have many side effects unfortunately is still far too few people. Because they are prescribed even when every small infection, there is the impression that antibiotics would be harmless. That’s not true! A major side effect is the destruction of the intestinal flora, a seat of our immune system. The next infection allows now not long in coming. There are some antibiotics almost no side effects. One of them is the silver colloid. Called colloidal silver or just silver water, kills several hundred different types of bacteria in about ten minutes.

It has the advantage of not destroying the intestinal flora in real production and revenue. The colloidal silver is before it can damage the intestinal flora, absorbed by the body. Its effect unfolds the silver colloid only the pathogens. There, it impedes the cellular respiration. The pathogen dies off.

Silver colloids must be not metabolized. You can be excreted simply again by the kidney. Stomach, liver and intestines are conserved. This antibiotic is not prescription or obtainable. It is produced at low cost with a silver generator itself. You have to always say his antibiotics. You can buy a silver generator in trading from 70 euro. With the help of the electric power of silver generator raises out silver particles 2 silver bars, hanging in distilled water. Many times, these silver particles are smaller than red blood cells. Thus, in the distilled water silver particles can optimally distribute in the body. Nevertheless, one should not completely renounce the normal antibiotic. In the many years of his service, it has saved certainly tens of millions of lives. Unfortunately, the rampant use of antibiotics in humans and animals has led to many pathogens resistance, has significantly reduced the effective range. Therefore, the colloidal silver water is a good alternative. If you more This highly effective, natural antibiotic would like to know, please see… / natural antibiotic… After. Here also describes how you can connect with a silver colloid even silver generator. Read this now: blog/silver colloid colloidal…

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