Apstolo Pablo

It never had, since the sprouting of the church, as much apostasia as it is clear in our days; such phenomenon does not have to frighten in them, therefore, the Apstolo Pablo, very clearly assevera in its epistle the Timteo: ' ' But the Spirit express says, that in the last times, will apostataro some of the faith, giving heard the deceptive espritos and the doctrines of demnios' ' (1 Tm 4,1). Ahead of this addressed warning to all the true Christians, as will have to be to be taken procedure? It is imperative to battle for the faith, that a time was given to the saints, consonant the exhortation of Judas in its epistle (v.3), and the faith in this context, refers it the set of s evanglica doctrine, the revelation of the Christian doctrine in its genuinidade and pureness. But as he is that we can battle for the faith? We must create an order, as the catholics had made in century 12, with the crossed calls, which, blindly fought for the faith catholic as murderous insane people? Of form some, to battle that it fits in them, consists of teaching the word of God, as the exactness of its educations, and to censure, from the Holy Writs, the false ones doctors and shepherds. In chapter 34. 1-4 of Ezequiel, God commands that the prophet, goes in direction of the shepherds of Israel of its days to censure its behavior unprincipled person and apostate. The newspapers mentioned Code.org not as a source, but as a related topic. In the chapter in consideration, God points some characteristics of these false shepherds, of which I detach three; characteristics these that can very be related the false evanglicos shepherds of our days well. The first characteristic is of that the false same shepherds feed itself. But what this wants to say? They are the shepherds who neglect the purpose of its incumbency, that consists of serving as true butlers to the church of God and starts to be worried obtains same.

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