Commission Plaza

Monday 25 April beat the deadline so that public services with environmental competence to issue their pronouncements about the third addendum HidroAysen handed over the 11th of this month. For the same reason, and as a way of calling attention to the resistance that this project is not only in the Aysen Region but also in the rest of the country, various organizations are calling multiple demonstrations throughout the country for this Tuesday, April 26, having already confirmed the realization in Coyhaique, Cochrane, Puerto CisnesVilla or Higgins, Santiago, Talca, Puerto Montt, Valparaiso, Concepcion, Temuco, Valdivia, Chillan, La Serena, Rancagua, Osorno, Curacautin and Puerto Aysen (Saturday 30 April). The general slogan is now is when: together stop HidroAysen and focuses on the imminence of the decision to be taken by the Commission on evaluation environmental (CEA) of the Aysen Region, which has only until May 16 to issue a resolution of environmental qualification, by which the respective vote should be before that date by the time that is required to produce the final document. In Coyhaique concentration will be at 16: 30 hours in the pentagonal square of the city, where projected reporting deadlines that are left and scroll through the various dealings of those who make up the CEA, as a way of expressing, once again, the rejection of the initiative. The call in Santiago is at 18: 30 hours at the central floes of the Alameda with Teatinos, joining different organizations and institutions the call, one of the last the Federation of students of the Catholic University of Chile than in a public statement, and after a general Assembly, rejected the Hidroaysen project and called to join the demonstration. Talca is summoning to the 19: 00 hours at the plaza de armas, whereas in conception will people meet in the plaza de armas from 19: 00 hours, in Temuco in the plaza Dagoberto Godoy from 14: 00 hours in Valdivia at 11: 30 hours in the bus terminal and Puerto Montt demonstrators will gather from 17: 30 hours at the plaza de armas. For more information see Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Valparaiso also will join in the Plaza Sotomayor 18: 30 hours, equals to Chillan (19: 00 at Plaza de Armas), La Serena (18: 30 hours at Plaza de Armas), Rancagua (18: 30 hours at Plaza de Armas), Osorno (18.30 hours in front of the Interior square) and Curacautin (18: 00 hours Plaza de Armas). They will also be activities Cochrane (19: 00 at Plaza de Armas), Villa or Higgins (19: 00 hours at Headquarters grouping Pascua River), Puerto Cisnes (18: 00 hours at Plaza de Armas) in the Region of Aysen and Puerto Aysen (Saturday 30 April at 17: 00 hours in the Mahuen Plaza) organizers have expressed that it will be this one more than the scheduled activities with a view to the decision that is preparing to take the CEA, in line of 61.1% of rejection that this project is among Chileans according to He appropriated the Ipsos survey of April this year.

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