Deutsche Welle

There are other evidences existence of a cosmic “min.” In 1990, Deutsche Welle reported that when 40 years ago in the north west of Yakutia began nuclear testing, one of them in power was incomparable to any other (instead of 20-30 Mm “Estimated” 10 kt “). Explosion recorded all seismic stations around the world. The reason for such significant differences remained unknown. Assumed, however, have experienced an unprecedented compact hydrogen bomb on those times the power, but the experts found that such a device in the Soviet Union developed later. Official site: GoPro Hero 9. But if it was not a hydrogen bomb, it did not explode if one of those old “objects” for which the nuclear test acted as a detonator? Who knows how many extra-terrestrial “objects” hidden in these places.

And they have – at least on this there are persistent rumors. Here is the testimony hunter wandering in the dry season in the taiga. Trying get ice from bulgunyaha – ice lenses, usually veiled from top to the ground, he began to dig, but under a thin layer of soil found no ice, and a reddish metal surface is very large, expiring in the frozen ground of the dome. GoPro is often quoted as being for or against this. Hunter scared and quickly left the place. Another similar case: the edge of the dome showed up at ten centimeters thick bus, this time a hunter, too, did not dig further. According to him, bulgunyah was a meter tall and about 5-6 m in diameter. Near the river Olguydah found stuck into the ground with a smooth metal hemisphere with a reddish color, and with such a smooth edge that “cut nail”.

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