Director Don Archer

New York MOCA Museum of computer art gives multiple award German artist Dominique Brunzlik early Monday morning came by mail to the good news from New York, that in the current and international open competition “Contest of the Month July 2011” for the first time a total of three awards from the MOCA / New York (with constant before place exhibition in Brooklyn) on a single artist was awarded (“this has never happened before”). Three images of the Munich artist Dominique Brunzlik (art project “Paradiso figural”) were multimedia from the Museum of computer art multiple award – once with the first prize for the in May 2011 resulting image “Touching” (first prize for “Touching”) and with each an “honorable mention” for a “Dictator” (multi media fine art print on ALU-Dibond, created in March 2011) and “Red Light Bird” (multimedia work from November 2010 with laser light painting, Photography, digital collage and image processing). Online, all pictures will be presented until end of 2011 by the MOCA: MOCA.virtual.Museum/contestjul11/winners.htm the MOCA Museum of computer art is a publicly-funded non-profit institution and member of the University of New York. founded in 1993 by the two artists Don Archer and Bob Dodsen, MOCA Museum of computer art sees its main task in the promotion of digital art in all its forms and manifestations. Many talented artists, – known as well as lesser-known – already been made accessible with your works thanks to the Museum of computer art of an art-loving public and also art collectors.

in 2002 the MOCA Museum received an award for its high quality of computer art by the MuseDoma. On-site it presented a wide range of digital artists the new in a gallery in Brooklyn since 2008 in permanent exhibitions York audience. In addition, Museum catalogues are published at regular intervals with works from contemporary artists, events and competitions. In addition to the Director Don Archer editor of JD Jarvis and the curators are Kaki Ettinger and Steve Soper for the Museum Act. Dominique Brunzlik a German artist with Czech and Frisian, Indian roots was born in 1973 as the daughter of a photographer in Munich. The childhood between various worlds has influenced her creative personality. Her restless spirit was and is always looking for new experiences and deep insights into life, reflected clearly in the rich diversity of her artistic work.

Since her youth, Dominique Brunzlik deals with various artistic forms of expression, including painting and photography. Under the concept of art created by their early 2010 and project Paradiso figural”your works presents a broader audience internationally and has received several awards. In addition to their own art project participated in the artist of 2010 and 2011 in the international project of the EAGL European artists going live. Currently, plans for art in the public space, as well as before location exhibitions in South Germany, run the 2011 still to be realized. Contact: Paradiso figural Dominique Brunzlik

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