Economics Laws

One of the fundamental laws of Economics is that of supply and demand. Under normal conditions, these forces are that determine the price of the products we buy and the wages that we can come to collect. An example of this are the high salaries linked to the construction that has occurred in recent years in Spain. The high demand for professionals in this sector has led to a significant rise in salaries, which has attracted also many people to work on it, but as the demand was so high, has kept a salary level disproportionate in many cases (for example, foremen paid above 4,000 euros a month, workers who exceeded 2,000.). The current crisis leads to these workers and other sectors to reconsider his career. Robert Bakish shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. What you know to do? What are good? Where can you find work? Say now as an example of business administration career, one of which is traditionally cited as having more professional opportunities, but it also has a high number of students, and graduates each year. Therefore, if I study that career, with effort I get the title, and what? I am one among 100,000 who have won it like me. So I have a feature that may be needed to get a job of some sort, but totally inadequate.

Products refers to basic product, for those features which must comply with article at least, and expanded product, which are those characteristics that make it special, that set apart it. For example, in the automotive world, ABS is going from being an extended feature to basic, i.e. to be an essential requirement when buying a vehicle. This difference could also be view broadly if we think of white label products, which amply fulfilled the basic qualities often (in fact, in many cases are manufactured by leading manufacturers), but are a priori not easy to differentiate (what detergent is better, the Carrefour or the?

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