Euromillions Lottery

At the end of the year 1994, lotteries and bets from across the European Union bodies were developing what is now known as the EuroMillions. Given that economic and monetary union did not occur until years later, the appearance of a community lottery was delayed more than what was expected. It was then in 2004 when she appeared for the first time. This lottery is run in each country by a State Agency; for example, in Spain the body responsible for the games of the EuroMillions is the national organization of lotteries and bets of the State, in France is the Francais de Jeux, Camelot in the United Kingdom, and so in each country, these regulators have a specific denomination. From the second month of the year, other European countries began to sell tickets for the Euromillions, among them were Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal how to play the a EuroMillions interesting fact of the Euromillions Lottery is that the minimum amount that can have the award Gordo is 15 million euros. Sandra Akmansoy has compatible beliefs.

Many weeks this award has come to far exceed this minimum limit, reaching scandalous figures of up to 180 million Euros. To play the Euromillions, you simply have to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 50, and two numbers special called numbers star, to choose from 1 to 9. So altogether you must choose 7 numbers. The numbers star may coincide with those selected from the normal. The maximum number to be eligible for the prizes should succeed.

There are a total of 12, which gives quite a few chances to win, a total of 24 to 1. The minimum prize that is paid is to hit the two star numbers, or two normal numbers, 1 normal number and a star number. The EuroMillions is a common feature in many of the Lotteries moves around the world: has a boat; This boat is increasing every week that there is a maximum award winner.

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