Eyelash Extension Mink

And his name these technologies have received because of the similarity of cilia obtained from wool of these animals. Thus, we can safely say that eyelash mink and sable contra-no, except for individual intolerances used artificial materials. So, what is the difference between these technologies eyelash extensions, and what advantages of each? According to feedback from the silk lashes are the most popular type of building. Thin silk lashes look as natural, and the length of each hair can vary from 8 to 14 millimeters. Tsenyna eyelash silk quite low, so that such a procedure can not afford any girl. Silk lashes are the easiest and, therefore, your natural lashes from building did not suffer. The life of silk eyelashes varies from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the adhesive resin and application method.

Eyelash Extension Mink is also known as build-up effect painted eyelashes. Search may find this interesting as well. The fibers used in this technology have a larger diameter, and has the effect of black mascara. Feedback after the mink eyelash extensions are mostly positive, but if you have a very weak eyelashes, they may be hard to cope with the weight of artificial hair. Eyelash Extension Mink helps to create vivid and memorable image. Eyelash extensions sable is used only for special occasions.

Such Eyelashes have a maximum amount and, accordingly, is large enough to lash weight. Therefore, they are not recommended to wear more than a few days. Sheaf "Hollywood" eyelash – bunch of 5-6 lashes attached to the century between back to natural lashes.

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