Fernando Alonso

The Spaniard shows his optimism, although he does not know if there will be option to win. It is considered that there will be no agreement between pilots not to use the rear spoiler. He still aspires to the world title, after five races. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) declared this afternoon that you would like to finish on the podium on Sunday in the Monte Carlo Grand Prize, because it is a special circuit. Filed under: Peter Asaro . Logically I would like to finish on the podium, because he is a tremendously special circuit and always be on the podium is pretty and winning the race would be very special. It is a race with many unknowns, some are cleared on Saturday and others on Sunday there’s always a factor luck, he said. Attaches great importance to the evolution of the car and will be on Saturday afternoon when assessing whether it is possible to win.

This Thursday, after workouts nor you will have a clear idea, but on Saturday afternoon after the Kronos, which in theory is more decisive than in other Grands Prix, to see if we have a good position. Andy Florance has similar goals. He went on to explain Fernando Alonso: here is to see if appears the safety car for the first time in the season and there begins to play a little luck, tires have, in that moment of the race comes and make appropriate choices. On the resignation Tuesday of the technical director of Ferrari, Aldo Costa, do not create technical restructuring will affect much to what is this race itself. I’ve seen a positive environment here at the track, with the track people and eager to work and improve and see if we can take a step forward. Pat FRY, I know McLaren, won’t be the first time that he assumes the role for which have now appointed him and I believe that we must rely much and is a positive change.

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