How To Choose Free Antivirus

If you have a limited budget, free anti-virus may be your best solution. Some antivirus software specially released free versions of antivirus software for home use. However, many users the question arises how to choose the best free anti-virus protection for your computer? To date, there are so many free antivirus software from various companies. When choosing which antivirus program to install, it is desirable to know the pros and cons of each anti-virus program. Many antivirus programs can behave like viruses, because they can consume huge amount of system resources and slows down your computer. This is because some manufacturers want to enable anti-virus software as many different functions in their anti-virus software. Some of these functions really necessary, but others are virtually useless for the detection of viruses.

Personally, I never used paid versions of antivirus software and still never podhatil virus on my computer, I believe that Free software can perfectly cope with their tasks. One of the best free anti-virus solutions, which I use myself, is Avira Antivirus. Avira Antivir Personal offers excellent protection against various types of viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, etc. What I really like Aviram, is the fact that it uses very little memory and practically does not slow down your computer. Of course you do not necessarily follow my preferences in choosing anti-virus software, as there is a huge selection of other free antivirus programs. To start read review free anti-virus, find out their main advantages and disadvantages. Also You can read reviews from other users in various forums and websites before you finally choose what anti-virus for you.

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