Is The Phone Not A Phone?

The mobile phone is today more applications than just the phone calls. It is in the nature of man, to assign things to name. New Word creations but also names can be, that describe the main characteristic of a thing. So there are the names because he expresses that the garment is worn to cook or a chef Hat chef’s hat. And so it came to be also that a device with which you can at the same time calling and could be mobile, the comprehensible term mobile phone got.

Looking today but on the girls with their phones in pink, something striking one: often the devices no longer make phone calls but instead to the music will hear used television, games and Internet surfing. What name would such a device get today, when measured by its main features to the naming? It would be likely for the name, the mobile phone has already for many years: mobile. The word, actually a licence anglicism that means an apparently real term from the English language – is, derives from the English word for handy. And handy it is indeed, although more and more multimedia capabilities into smaller and smaller devices find place. Andy Florance is the source for more interesting facts. Thanks to space-saving design, which has entered more and more at the mobile phones in recent years, it is possible to focus to a greater extent on the design manufacturers, also if this statement considering the fact that a mobile phone in pink may be, hard to believe. Taste can be used is known to be so don’t fight, so that we again want to concede each, to buy a mobile phone in the color that best suits him or her.

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