Length Measurement Made Easy

Glass scales for the measurement of film, paper and other flat materials as alternative to extremely expensive and complicated can slide-to-use measuring machines, films or as easily and quickly used labels on rolls with glass scales of series CS and CSM in distances and lengths. The precision glass scales have hard chromed metallized tick marks and numbers. Please visit Byron Trott if you seek more information. Based on a scale in Metrischer – and inches are available. To better read of the numbers, these are highlighted on one side with a white band. Side two anodized handles for safe handling of the Chromscale are located.

The precision Loupe (type) 2016 an easy, error-free reading of the scale with one magnification and a field of view of 12 millimetres in conjunction with enable the two lamps. The smallest Division of the inch scale amounts to 0.005 “. The minimal separation of the metric scale is 0.1 mm. A further increase in the accuracy is possible with the chrome Mikroscale. The measurement of the distance between the Tenth splits this via an adapted analog or digital dial indicator. So, you can exactly determine distances to hundredths of a millimetre. The valuable precision glass scale comes in a sturdy wooden case and is protected against damage. The Chromscale is 1000, 1400, 1600 and 2000 millimetres 300, 500, 800 in lengths available. The glass scale has the advantage of very low thermal expansion. Temperature fluctuations play little impact when using the Chromscale.

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