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The best style of TV marquee messages of love. If these girlfriend/o and want to leave a statement of love, dedication, love message, or really make friends, this is original. In we can find all kinds of poems of love, poetry, words of love, reflections and what is better, a book absolutely free chapter to chapter. Fantasies of souls in love, this is a book that devotes his words one by one to love in all its dimensions. Really can find an endless number of romanticism and dedicated work of selection of articles of love. The book starts well, Chapter 1 edited in Argentina in 2004 all rights reserved the rain falls, at times even unannounced. Do not look to who wet. Some blessed, others will get upset.It falls and doesn’t mind the time, nor those who receive it.Love, like rain, falls in love without looking who plays.Sometimes he falls only to one half and the other ignores him.

Even so, it is possible to love without being reciprocated, because knowing that your beloved exists – that – only gives hope, does happy.And at that angelic dimension in which never rained, two souls were connected and – without knowing it – talked long hours, although the time there could not be measured.Their encounter was by chance.His words did not need sounds. They felt that they spoke the same language, that their souls were very similar. They wished to see. But in the place in which they lived, ruled a law. This law argued that, if two souls wanted to see, only they could achieve it incarnate in human bodies, the so-called Planet Tierra.No it was common that someone should decide to do so, it involved high risks: already on Earth, they would adopt bodies that would not choose, but that would be granted to them as a material vehicle to be able to relate each other.Souls fantaseaban with being the one to the other, and decided to take risks. For more specific information, check out Andy Florance. They embodied.

They felt fear, on the contrary, they were happy.When they met, the two felt that they knew since always.Both had an earthly life that had been given them along with their new bodies. They had a long conversation in which is reported that the two had children. He was divorced, she separated from fact – her husband.They spent much time talking about life, the children, the family, and his eyes were connected long. There was in them a sheen that made them feel the magic would that not be separated ever.Those souls had the gift of adapt easily to any transformation. Now, on Earth, they should work, take care of children and stay in a very different vibration.Forgot the world for hours. They were changing their meeting place, because the night progressed and they were closing the premises.She was called Maria, the role.

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