Merging Of Pop, Rock And Classics

Classic strides in moving the meeting pop. Recently, one can observe that many musicians have overplayed their 'songs' with classical orchestras. It is worth noting that the fun is not cheap. Although possible that the current treatment of many musicians to the symphony is an attempt to eat something now, and the viewer has the opportunity to feel more cultured. The first attempt to come to mind popular artists contact the chamber music was made in the sixties group The Beatles. Yes, and that there is far to walk? not earlier than in the past year, Sting has recorded a wonderful album with the Royal Orchestra. We'll think about whether all this plaque deliberate elitism? In some ways, maybe there is in fact the same Sting was not a singer when the masses.

Note that Mozart once could only hear the King and to know, ordinary people could not afford it financially. Performers of music in the style of trance is also not lagging behind the incipient trend. Kip Cyprus: the source for more info. Paul van Dyk presented its new project 'Let Go live Music Discovery Project' personally I liked it, more details can be found here. The desire to rock musicians of our days make an arrangement with the orchestra, does not say whether the fact that they zazhralis and they want to be closer to the aristocracy, or was it just a period of internal growth and their longing for something – something sincere, pure, eternal. Maybe they just tired of all their outrageous rocker? I want to have to remember that the group B 2 in 2010 released a new video featuring the symphony orchestra. Change of tools makes out the feelings that were laid out in song. Style arrangement is only a means of expression, which in turn can totally change our impression of listening to music, moving us in different times, different eras, different countries.

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