Now, when the picture is less clear, provided that the seti are actively searching, which would prevent them from finding us? Assuming that their technologies are developed very strongly, they can search use various spectroscopic and other methods that would determine not only the planets around other stars, but also traces of civilization (for example, search for specific post-industrial chemicals in the atmosphere planets). Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights. Furthermore, whether we like it or not, we are "shouting" in space for quite some time. Since then, as the first radio signal out into space, we announced our presence within a radius of about 80 light years away. 2. If extraterrestrial intelligence wanted to destroy us, he would have done it now.

I'll give you one example. Bearing in mind the age of the Galaxy, and knowing that around many systems may have arisen life could be left to self-reproducing probes, in case of unforeseen threats. Such a probe will be waiting in the wings, that would be activated by a reasonable signal strength, to bear witness of a dangerous life. For example, the world uses enormous weight of various probes, including the military. In other words, we must be destroyed at a time when our radio made the journey through the solar system. But since we're still here, it is unlikely that we will be destroyed by eti.

Either they look, what potential is fraught with human civilization. 3. If extraterrestrial intelligence wants to get our resources, why they have not done this until now, while they have not mastered the human race? Again, if we are talking about sverhprodvinutoy extraterrestrial civilization, it is ridiculous to assume that we have any tangible value for civilization at this level.

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