Profitable Concept

KSH Energy Fund IV would have to gain by implementing the predecessor Fund advantage KSH capital partner AG stands for the development of qualitatively high-class, innovative and economically remarkable investments. Profitability, safety and credit in a balanced relationship distinguishes this initiator of closed-end funds. The investments thus great income with steady cash return and a high degree of clarity. The investment plans focus always on the market conditions and opportunities. In the Centre of the activities of KSH capital partner AG are the interests of the buyer. KSH Energy Fund IV commodity funds can be purchased from a sum of US $15,000.00. With an investment volume of complete US $19.850.000,00 can be quite sought after are referred to as the yield views of 150,20 percent. KSH Energy Fund IV commodity Fund offers the following: the conservative forecast oil purchase price of USD 70.00 per barrel over the duration of the Fund is for the commodity funds KSH Energy Fund IV from the portion closed-end funds based. KSH Energy Fund IV commodities Fund has a Fund amount US $19.8 million. Manageable Fund expiration time of about 4.5 years for the KSH Energy Fund IV commodities Fund. The KSH energy commodity Fund Fund IV offers payouts, which shall be made quarterly with 4%, for the first time mid-2013. The closed-end funds KSH energy benefits fund IV by high oil knowledge in the management team and the external expert team. Early artist bonus of 3 percent for the commodity funds KSH Energy Fund IV until 30 June 2012, 2 percent until August 15, 2012 and 1 percent until September 30, 2012 KSH Energy Fund IV commodity funds has a conservative calculated sales price of projects at the end of the expiration of the Fund. For even more opinions, read materials from Energy Capital Partners London. A real value such as the raw material petroleum offers base of our industry group which should increase development nevertheless to continue in the near future, also this portion by China’s and India’s energy demand is growing rapidly. However the natural gas hub will make with an economic increase. One speaks for the coming years even by a run on natural gas. Coveted Short term for the KSH Energy Fund IV commodities fund the duration of KSH Energy Fund IV commodity funds amounted to about 4.5 years until December 31, 2016. However, the management of the fund company has the opportunity to extend this range Max three times each year. In addition, the partner can cause that the duration of the company extended until the last possession of object of the company is sold. Commodity funds KSH Energy Fund IV continues to rely on fossil fuels artist can participate KG Publisher as a limited partner or settlor of KSH Energy Fund IV GmbH & co.. It invests in oil and natural gas deposits in the United States, primarily in the U.S. State of Texas. The participation presentation aimed at Germany-based interested parties who want to invest a medium-term investment of financial resources used in the North American natural gas and oil market. The issuer will purchase rights to the promotion of fossil fuels, particularly natural gas, and petroleum. The Fund acquires the Net revenue pro rata funding rights. At the time of the prospectus, the investment objects are still not bought for the KSH Energy Fund IV commodities Fund.

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