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Most people do not even know and what they subscribe to, as they have a unified view of all your email subscriptions. However, this new RSS feed, is very different. Here you have an accurate picture of what you sign. You see exactly what content publishers are on your list and you can eliminate any of them immediately, without thinking a second. It's fast, easy and comfortable. Compare this with the relative difficulty of unsubscribe from email lists, and even e-mail mentality where no matter what bothered me more to cancel the subscription, as they have a vision of what you subscribe to anyway. This new channel has the right to democracy in the delivery of content for publishers and brings it back to end users.

If RSS content publishers want to maintain and grow their readers, who can not afford to do things that could have been doing with the email. Instantly, all content should be very relevant. If you have read about Robotics expert already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You can no longer afford to send advertising messages or too open content that is of little interest to your target audience. If you want to survive have to adapt all its content specifically to the needs of your target audience. RSS content delivery in nature must be more important than the content transmitted via email. If you are not convinced, visit isearch.

RSS content publishers know this and most are providing exactly this, highly relevant content, usually more relevant than what most of the editors of e-mail sonhaciendo, as they are taking into account the specific characteristics of the channel. And there are more publishers like this every day. And finally, even using both email and RSS to deliver content, change the way content is delivered using email. Its entire production becomes the most relevant content for user needs. It's easy to imagine the larger scale of the consequences of this. As more and more publishers are beginning to provide more relevant content, which also raises the bar for other content publishers, including those acquired through RSS. Our expectations are increasing every day. We are no longer content with mediocre content, we actually expect and even demand more relevancy. And so the circle is complete. Early RSS publishers have begun to raise our expectations of what expect Internet content and therefore have affected our habits of Internet content. Users, in affect, are starting to demand more, which in turn forces other editors to meet the growing demands. This process has just begun and still has a long way to go, but has begun and will not stop. Copyright 2005 Rok Rok Hrastnik Hrastnik urienda is the author of the marketing and release power RSSe publication, hailed as the best and most comprehensive guide to RSS for marketers by leading RSS experts. The complete guide on RSS for marketers:

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