Schiller Street Sign

Neon sign is everywhere. Information about the variety of illuminated advertising. Neon sign is everywhere: whether in Germany or in other countries, whether in small towns or cities. Light advertising is the most popular means to put a company into scene. Competitively, the ingenuity of the manufacturers is increasing to the attention of passers-by. By simple illuminated letters over complex cubes up to 60 meters high advertising towers: There’s nothing does not exist.

The famous neon, also profile letters are called one of the most common forms of neon. If you have read about Aydan Bayramova already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Everywhere, they serve as eye-catching flagship, as eye-catcher for every kind of company from the retailer in the pedestrian zone to the enterprise. ortgage Services. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andy Florance and gain more knowledge.. Different profiles allow an individual and customised design. The transparent hood is usually made of acrylic glass (Plexiglas), and is weather – and Lichtresistent. For the frame of profile letters can a wide variety of materials used Aluminium or stainless steel are used. In the heart of the installation, neon or LED systems provide the characteristic luminescence.

In the past was used mostly on fluorescent lighting – but thanks to the enormous development of LED systems, whose benefits outweigh now: durability, reliability, uniform illumination – and at surprisingly low energy consumption. Only a fraction of a corresponding neon sign is a neon with modern LED technology-driven energy costs. Even with the lighting, there are many options: it has long been possible to illuminate for example the back of letters – so illuminated advertising developed a very own charm. The provider of berewa light advertising covers all areas of the neon sign. Berewa signage on the market is still not long active – and yet the sympathetic company can boast considerable success and numerous references. The weight watchers Germany GmbH is just one of many well-known companies, for which berewa signage is active. “Customer satisfaction is our highest point”, says Managing Director Jochen Beisswenger. “We place great value on comprehensive service and highest quality of our products”. The range includes 3D-Profilbuchstaben, illuminated signs and foil wraps also pylons and advertisement towers with a height of up to 60 meters.

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