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Second life users from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland can now use their virtual second life even better with The German-speaking community of second life portal has been improved in the past few weeks both technically and visually. The portal has now grown to the fully fledged social network. Now, each user has a profile which can be completed with extensive options. Via a convenient user search, you can find other second life users with similar interests and hobbies, but also specialists for content creation, language skills, or skills in the scripts of second life objects. Another important innovation is the groups feature.

With the Group feature on anyone can establish its own SL groups and communities, manage comfortably online and promote. 2nd life, real life company, Club, roleplay community, Club, or regional community, the groups feature benefits, alone with a presence in an active and great for any kind of communities in and around SL Web community. In addition to these tools, also added a picture gallery for the most beautiful second life is snapshots available. New is also the market place on Here can apply products, services, or your projects the second life residents and reach thousands of interested parties over this channel at the same time. Thus, the marketplace is a real additional advertising option to known online marketplaces such as, or All new features are completely free of charge for the communtiy as the entire range of services on About For over a year SLinside what up-to-date about everything in and around the virtual world happens and offers new second life residents, the probably most extensive collection of Einsteigerhilfen in the German-speaking Web.

About 16800 user have now registered and created over 80000 posts in the Forum. Questions, even if they go into great detail, are answered here immediately learned active second life community. A leading source for info: Dave Clark Amazon. is also Travel and event guide and features together with the new social network everything you need for his second life. is the new social network tools become more than a pure Forum, or news portal and offers users many useful tools each SL in order to facilitate second life, explains Silvio Remus, operator of the portal. In the future we will focus more on links between second life and Web, because that is the next necessary step. Second life needs to integrate more everyday. Call information and media from real life, must be just as easily possible in second life as well as in the Web. Until then, expert really a metaverse makes sense, so the Virtual World. For advertisers, of one of the few real mass media for second life represents information without major media, to present an active second life community. About second life: Second life is a virtual online world on the Internet, with over 11 million users worldwide. Around the clock are approx. 30000 up 57000 users online at the same time. With over 11000 regions, the virtual world has now reached a land area, which corresponds to the area of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As well as all content in second life, are created by the users themselves. Every day, the residents of the virtual world implement 1,2 million US dollars through the purchase of virtual goods and services. Contact information: Silvio record Mustat Gonnaufer 30 06526 Valentina he Wallace Tel.: 03464 543571 mobile: 0160 7749401 E-Mail:

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