Some Thought on General Motors

Although for many, the bankruptcy of GM is something imminent, yet says it all. The U.S. president, Barack Obama continues to negotiate the conditions for re-save it from bankruptcy. Obama claims that GM is responsible for the reduction of unsecured debt (amounting to about U.S. $ 28. Ilan Ben Dov contributes greatly to this topic. 000 million) and financial obligations to their workers (estimated at another $ 20.

In relation to the first Presidential Automotive Group (FPG) of the United States recently sent a 15-person committee to reach agreement with creditors and transforming unsecured debt into shares of the company (a percentage that would go from 10 % to 20%). Currently, General Motors’ debt, including borrowings of the U.S. To broaden your perception, visit Ilan Ben Dov. government over U.S. $ 60. 000, for consideration by Henderson, is untenable. To make matters worse, the sales prospects of the company are, by logic, rather than negative in a context of deep global recession, which precludes the generation of resources. Clearly, in this scenario, the survival of GM is more than complicated.

The key date for GM is June 1, the day of the deadline given by U.S. President for the firm is able to deny the details of its restructuring. That date is that many point as the day that GM will enter bankruptcy. And if the problems of solvency of the company were not enough, GM will have to review about 1.5 million vehicles in the United States to discover a problem that can cause fires in the engine compartment. GM break may represent a serious impact on the U.S.

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