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If Squirrels Kiss Each Other Tenderly.

How to use the magic of the brain for your company if squirrels kiss each other tenderly. Our brain can build the picture of two squirrels, which tenderly Kiss, before our mind’s eye, although probably few of us have ever seen it. Is it magic? No! Behavior scientists were able to demonstrate that the brain […]

Customer Touch Points

The marriage between the social Web and the mobile Internet has changed forever how we buy and do business with each other, with breathtaking speed the way. A paradigm shift is equivalent to the impact on the business world. Companies can only survive if the socially networked customers love them. To achieve this, they must […]

Simulated Test Of Advertising Media In The Shopping

Simulated test of advertising media in the shopping an advertising must be today no longer necessarily test in a clinical research laboratory. This is shown by a new advertising test, which is used to check the advertising effectiveness of packaging products for several years. Because not only the advertising on television, in magazines and on […]

Customer Loyalty

Customers win and bind with an innovative tourist concept in the long term. Each company is keen to attract customers, keep them happy and to bind in the long term. Excellent service and a good price performance ratio alone suffice but often no longer, to stand out from the competition. What is needed are unique […]

Schiller Street Sign

Neon sign is everywhere. Information about the variety of illuminated advertising. Neon sign is everywhere: whether in Germany or in other countries, whether in small towns or cities. Light advertising is the most popular means to put a company into scene. Competitively, the ingenuity of the manufacturers is increasing to the attention of passers-by. By […]

Opportunities For Companies To Use To Quickly End The Crisis

Use the Internet companies who want to be successful, the economic crisis is not over yet. The positive news are growing it but. Now, what is important for companies to quickly grow sales and profits? Is it there not to use the Internet? The medium of the future. More and more people use the Internet. […]

The Effect

Flip charts are used for the support of thoughts with the audience. Flipcharts are unbeatably cheap purchase and maintenance costs. Tips for the use of flip charts: the flip chart from each square is well visible for every listener? Ideally use lined or plain paper that makes it as writing easier. Diagrams and pictures should […]

New Checklist: Social Media For SMEs

How you can find out whether social media is worth for your company. Social media is all the rage. Advocates see the new miracle weapon in social media to outflank competitors. Critics point to the increasing reports of gigantic social media flops. For small and medium-sized enterprises a mad situation, when he is to decide […]

Strategic Online Marketing

Presentation of the German tele market GmbH at the marketing day 5 Saxon Switzerland Dresden – on October 16, 2008 the now 5 marketing Saxon Switzerland in the new town hall in Neustadt (Saxony) took place. \”Under this year’s motto nose forward: strategies of winners\” the consultant of the German tele market GmbH, Mr. Frequently […]