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International Telecommunication Union Systems

Problem of determining the location of vehicles, other vehicles, valuable cargo, etc. extremely relevant in the world. They allow you to control the routes of vehicles to ensure the safety of vehicles and be searched in case of theft, etc. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. In the […]

Ford Focus

The new line consists of three systems – Lockus F1, Lockus F2 and Lockus F3, differ in the way of management and functional richness. Signaling Lockus installed on Ford Focus cars of varying configuration and can significantly extend possible staffing of security equipment. Lockus F1 car alarm is recommended for installation on cars Ford, are […]

The Clutch

Intermittent braking, when the moment is weakened the pressure on the pedal more efficiently, the wheels begin to properly roll-back to the car handling. By the way, if intermittent inhibition demonstrates the wizard, you're moving behind, can not notice this, his brake lights are lit continuously. The driver works fast pedal on the verge of […]

Driving Skills

Important in the work of the driver are the motor skills. The process of formation of these skills is better understood than others. Under heavy traffic knowingly perform virtually all control actions impossible. Such a workload driver can perform only in the development of automated motor skills, physiological basis of which is a dynamic stereotype. […]


Mercedes-Benz – a subsidiary of concern Diamler-Benz, which was first announced itself in 1926 after the death of Gottlieb Daimler in 1900, the company has stepped into the possession of his siblings – Paul Daimler. Management firms while doing Wilhelm Maybach who for many years worked with Gottlieb and hunted one of the first cars. […]

Accessories for Your Mercedes

Nowadays, personal social status of each person is able to demonstrate all sorts of things. This allows to demonstrate its own success, with all plans: as in money, and socially. This kind of a status elements able to be mobile phones, watches and so on. However, for people who are taking the first position in […]