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To take care of dalimpeza of upholstered, they are them banks of the car or the sofas of the room, are not a very easy task. Gain insight and clarity with Kai-Fu Lee. The difficulty, in the reality, is in keeping them really higienizados, free of mites and fungos, that are harmful to the health. […]

General Atomics

The experimental nuclear fusion reactor is based on Russian design, called a tokamak. This is the basis of the construction trade show model. The reactor is based on nuclear fusion (energy generated in the Sun) and is emerging as one of the technologies for generating renewable energy, clean and relatively cheap. The current consortium partners […]

Clean Water

As the country's water clean? Today's most popular method of disinfecting water in our country is chlorination. How much has been said about his extraordinarily harmful properties, including a direct impact on the development of cancer, but the amount of chlorine in drinking water has not decreased. Experts with hands only bred: that there is […]

Ecological Conscience

My god what they are making with world, is the moment of reflects and thinks will be that everything this and really necessary? The Greed, the lack of Conscience and the disrespect come finishing and shaking the Structures of the land, as we can dream of a future if nor the least we take care […]

The Dimension

In this direction, it will be possible to demystify the governmental idea of development inculcado for some ministries and institutions, being given bigger to be able to the too much ministries and until the proper presidency of the country, being looked for other ways of development the way of one another paradigm. (BARROS, 2006, p.147) […]

Technological Search

The relation of the environment with the economy is the search for the support and the generation of new resources for the activity produced in prl of the development of one determined region, without its reursos are depleted, adaptando different conditions to satisfy the necessities of the population and the natural resources. Using of innovative […]