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Ask Your Dentist

This time they have been our professionals of the clinic Vitaldent of Bravo Murillo who have been responsible for responding to all the questions that users have sent through Office online at. Here we present some of the questions that Vitaldent Bravo Murillo has chosen as interesting and which can serve more people that is […]

CardioPlus Heart

A physiological approach with CardioPlus also offers opportunities in Germany, as in other industrialized countries, coronary heart disease (CHD) are widespread and the most common cause of death. In most cases, deposits in the walls of the arteries, which are referred to by doctors as plaques are causally responsible for the CHD. If you would […]

Presentation Tibetan Medicine

Buddhist master tulku Lama Lobsang presents book and DVD presentation: Tibetan medicine for the Western world of Buddhist master tulku Lama Lobsang presents book and DVD when? Wednesday, December 10, at 19:30 where? Hegel 1, Linden-Museum Stuttgart, 70174 Stuttgart tulku Lama Lobsang, recognized the high Buddhist master and expert of in Tibetan medicine, what had […]

The Cross With The Virus: New Bird Flu H7N9 Spreads Further In

Since early April 2013, a new avian flu virus called H7N9 is rampant in China. After the new flu virus first of all in the region of Shanghai, it spreads through the train of the birds to their northern summer homes in the North and West of China. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong […]

Important Sensory Organ

When vision is impaired, it is said in many diagnoses of a macular degeneration that is eye of the eyeball, the optic nerve and its so-called auxiliary equipment such as the eyelids, the extraocular muscles and the Tranenapparat.Der eyeball is spherical and is located in the eye socket, which is located in a bony structure. […]

Nursing Care

The care team informed Dolphin from Mannheim the special circumstances and needs of sovereign people devoted to palliative care. It is under the motto quality of life over quantity of life”and focuses on life & style how to make the last phase of life of terminally patients. Mannheim care team informed the content of nursing […]

Laboratory Equipment: Barcode Scanner For Use In The Laboratory

Fast and good reading properties make the bar code scanner XENON 1900-SR for the bar code identification of qualified laboratory samples reputation whether for the entry or in existing environments the XENON has 1900 SR in various laboratories proved. It is easy to use and fast. In particular it stands out, that he can read […]


An estimated 80% or more our modern pharmaceutical “miracle products”, antibiotics isolated and concentrated synthetic versions of the highly complex are included, Components that are included in the fulvic acid. Studies show that fulvic acid naturally supports a wide range of powerful antibiotics and anti-virals in same way or even better than those preparations which […]