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Love And Anxiety

The manifest love if through small gestures. Gestures these that ace times passes unobserved to who of, but that it can mean very for who receives this love. We live at a time of great competition, each wasted moment can mean very in our wild world, then in the anxiety to conquer everything, we leave […]

Gifts In Different Countries

Gifts to give and receive love almost all the people in the world. But every country has its own tastes and preferences. For example, the Russian love getting expensive and solid show. We like to get a huge mountain of small gifts, rather than one large gift. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar […]


On this week had a special combination of numbers and the date of which many are sure to impress: Friday 13th. Incidentally, the third time this year. The people this Friday called "black" because it allegedly was going on that day all evil spirits (or, not all, but the one that came up after Halloween). […]

The Choice Of Gift Set

The choice of gift set is sometimes a matter of choosing a gift puts us in an impasse, out of which is not visible, even if the spotlight to shine. If you find yourself in this situation, let our store will become the beacon of light that will get out of the impasse. A good […]

Orchid Flowers

But a variety of accessories – please! At a time when fashion comes back ethnics, tasteful ladies can not resist the beauty and practicality of the classic Russian shawls that can everyday clothes to turn into eye-catching festive attire. On the shelves easily found painted scarf "a la Russe" … made in China. For our […]


Women's fate like sports. First, we train, train, learn wrestling moves, and then leave to start. Aim to catch up with their happiness. Not everyone is successful. The forces initially unequal. After all, since, as sang a song about that "ten girls on Statistics nine guys," the situation has not improved. Perhaps even the contrary. […]

Yuri Gagarin

Draw a portrait of my mother a drug addict. It has long we have been able to draw a portrait of my mother a drug addict, or a gamer, or an alcoholic. This woman will give everything to your child. Absolute altruistka. You just say that this is the ideal mom. Practice shows that it […]