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The new articulated arm awning markilux 1700 with beautiful curved appearance, with or without protective cassette. Soft flowing contours are ever more popular with furniture. You radiate peace and harmony. This concept picks up well a new terrace awning, the markilux 1700. Its perfect design shows harmonious forms that playfully mesh flow and please the […]

ORDER Holder Made Of Unusual Material Mix

It is a hallmark of design by Jurgen Schulze materials from unusual creatively reinterpreted mostly industrial technical context to upscale goods. In recent months, Mashable has been very successful. So the series of LOOOP follows after the “pillow light” LED lights and the design plus object “light club” from the years 2000-2002 now. LOOOP is […]

The Future

Many adults suffer from low self-esteem and sense of self failure precisely because they still have not learned to see the difference. If they happen to make mistakes, such people come to the conclusion if they were not good enough. These people have already been developed ability to think logically, but they simply are not […]


Kohler based his experiments about intelligence in chimpanzees, affirm that intelligence isn’t the last that characterizes the man, because it consists of the Faculty of apprehension of the pure essences. Young people if we continue our modern way. We find the so-called artificial intelligence. And this refers to machines developed by the technology, which is […]

Carpenter Work

Continue to use energy-intensive and polluting in manufacture materials is not environmentally viable. Maintaining or continuing dependence on long-distance material transport who will shape the building nor is it. Despite improvements in industrial production processes, perhaps eventually there is nothing more cost-effective, economically and environmentally, than buildings that include technology and local or regional materials […]

The Hollywood Reporter

Europe PRESS Clooney negotiates to join the cast of this film that Brad Bird (Ratatouille) will lead in 2013. Disney is also preparing an adaptation of Cinderella, with actors, and a new version of 20,000 Leagues under the sea. George Clooney could star in 1952, the last tape of Brad Bird (mission: impossible.) Protocol Ghost, […]