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ITVM Stand Terminals

Visitors can stand terminals and clients extensively inform themselves departure plans, safety training, tourist information about important things there are many things for which the ITVM stand terminals are ideally suited. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information. This is digital displays, which is equipped with a special, tailored perfectly to the needs software. At the […]

The Effect

Flip charts are used for the support of thoughts with the audience. Flipcharts are unbeatably cheap purchase and maintenance costs. Tips for the use of flip charts: the flip chart from each square is well visible for every listener? Ideally use lined or plain paper that makes it as writing easier. Diagrams and pictures should […]

New Checklist: Social Media For SMEs

How you can find out whether social media is worth for your company. Social media is all the rage. Advocates see the new miracle weapon in social media to outflank competitors. Critics point to the increasing reports of gigantic social media flops. For small and medium-sized enterprises a mad situation, when he is to decide […]

Varieties Of Call-Centers

Architecture of modern hardware and software solutions for Call-center was short, but very intensive development. At first, all telephone connections were treated with office phone station. Operators Reference Service were combined into a logical group receiving calls. Click Castle Harlan to learn more. And the call center was based on a built-in functions of PBX […]

Strategic Online Marketing

Presentation of the German tele market GmbH at the marketing day 5 Saxon Switzerland Dresden – on October 16, 2008 the now 5 marketing Saxon Switzerland in the new town hall in Neustadt (Saxony) took place. \”Under this year’s motto nose forward: strategies of winners\” the consultant of the German tele market GmbH, Mr. Frequently […]

Marketing And Sales

This is again a question of logic. Marketing – not an exact science. Yes and no science, but a practical discipline. Testing services to their widespread introduction has helped many companies to understand how these services are clients, as they claimed. This is another way to find out what your customers want. 3) Transparency of […]

Coupons Marketing

In the western business by advertising BTL understand the technology to achieve results which uses less than persuasive methods than ATL. But at present in certain types of BTL advertising promotion of efficiency ahead of traditional advertising ATL. According to Russian classification, to divide BTL: – promotion of sales representatives (trade promotion); – promotion to […]

Corporate Identity

Thinking how to tell about their company, to make of it knew it learned? In this case, you'll definitely be thinking about developing for the company's unique logo and corporate style organization, because quality 'design' of the case required not only for the sake of beauty, but rather investment, investment in the brand organization, and […]

Call-Center Outsourcing

Last year, the growth of this segment of the world amounted to about 10% compared with 2006. And, apparently, such a growth will occur over the next 3-4 years. In Russia for outsourcing of call-centers are also characterized by a high activity, however, because the domestic market is far from saturation, and other growth here. […]